Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green Valley Farms open to the public?

We are wholesale only. No public sales.

Does Green Valley Farms do landscape design or installation?

Currently, we do not. However, we can recommend a highly qualified landscape professional for both of these services.

If I am a homeowner, can I come out and look at/select my trees and plants?

Yes, however, you must be accompanied by your builder/landscaper.

What area does a pallet of sod cover and how much does it weigh?

A pallet will cover 450 square feet and it weighs approximately 2000 pounds.

Do you deliver bulk mulch?


Do I need a piece of equipment to assist with unloading heavy items at the delivery site?

Yes. Our drivers are there to assist in unloading, however they will not unload product by themselves.

Does Green Valley Farms warranty plant material?


Does Green Valley Farms accept returns?


Does Green Valley Farms accept returns?


Please note the following information regarding our pricing and availability. Quoted prices are guaranteed for 30 days. All plant material and pricing is contingent upon supply at time of order confirmation. Green Valley Farms,Inc. pricing may be changed at any time without any notice. We reserve the right to change our products’ prices at any time without notice. Green Valley Farms, Inc. attempts to provide the best quality of plant material possible. Green Valley Farms, Inc. provides no warranty or guarantee made, expressed, implied or otherwise as to the viability or future growing performance of the plant material once it is accepted by the customer. Acceptance is upon receipt. We assume no liability for failure to deliver or for delays from circumstances beyond our control.